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  • Biggest benefits of a paperless enterprise

    Biggest benefits of a paperless enterprise

    It’s good – and more lucrative – to be paperless. Indeed, going paperless in the field with smart mobile forms isn’t just a more productive, faster, easier, and more enjoyable way for field technicians to get their jobs done. It’s also the first step in transforming business processes from end to end by seamlessly connecting…

  • The Top 5 Mobile Form Benefits

    The Top 5 Mobile Form Benefits

    Making the switch from paper forms to mobile forms is done for a variety of reasons. But the most obvious ones are to increase productivity and to lower operational costs. Converting to digital forms on smartphones and tablets is no longer a trend, it’s the way of today’s business processes. Companies that are still using…

  • Could Paper Cuts be Limiting Your Business?

    Could Paper Cuts be Limiting Your Business?

    Ouch! Got a paper cut the other day. Nasty sharp little pain that flared up every time my finger touched something. Too trivial for sympathy or a BandAid, but still, well, unwelcome. It was a bit weird since I don’t recall the last one; they used to be much more common. In fact, paper cuts…

  • Embrace the simpler life: paperless forms are changing our work-lives for the better

    Embrace the simpler life: paperless forms are changing our work-lives for the better

    Growing up a red-blooded Canadian boy the 1980s meant I played hockey. Life was simpler then – except when it came to my hockey schedule. The schedule was a single typewritten sheet with each team’s name and game times, taped to the wall right under my Dad’s schedule of shift work. My Mom carefully highlighted…

  • Saving the environment, one mobile form at a time

    Saving the environment, one mobile form at a time

    Take a minute to think about your office routine. This morning I sat down, opened my email, read a couple news articles online, and opened Word to continue working on a report. Yet, when I look around my desk I have three versions of the printed report, a stack of old newspapers, and adhesive notes…

  • Integrating Box with ProntoForms

    Integrating Box with ProntoForms

    One of the most popular cloud services, Box is easily configurable with the ProntoForms mobile form solution. ProntoForms offers two-way simple integration with Box, allowing business customers to connect and share data from anywhere, including with smartphones and tablets. Box Data Destination   Setting up the Box Data Destination allows ProntoForms App users to submit…

  • ProntoForms at Citrix Synergy 2014

    ProntoForms at Citrix Synergy 2014

    This 2014 Citrix Synergy Conference is taking place this week in Los Angeles. As an official Citrix App partner, ProntoForms is an active participant in the three-day event. Also a member of the Citrix Worx App Gallery, ProntoForms is proud to be a part of Citrix Synergy 2014, meeting and showcasing our mobile form solution with attendees…

  • Why Dropbox is popular for business

    Why Dropbox is popular for business

    As it relates to Cloud services, Dropbox is one of the bigger names in the game. While there are a multitude of cloud computing options for consumers and enterprises to consider, Dropbox continues to devour the file sync and share market with over 175 registered users, up from 110 million in 2012. To be sure,…

  • Mobile Form Application Checklist

    Enterprises and SMBs that are looking to improve mobile data collection and communication should go through a checklist prior selecting the right mobile business solution. Multiple Features To really upgrade the manner in which data is collected in the field, the right mobile form application should take advantage of all of the latest mobile device…