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Transform your installation & maintenance processes with mobile forms

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Installation and Maintenance

High-quality installation and maintenance services are critical to raising asset uptime, achieving regulatory compliance, and meeting Service Level Agreements. Providing quality service is directly tied to the data you collect every day. ProntoForms offers more than just digital versions of your work orders, invoices, and timesheets. No matter your industry, whether your business is installing flooring or building oil pipelines, these tools improve the speed and quality of projects, eliminate repeat visits to customer sites, and reduce operation costs.

Dispatch and route job data

If a piece of valuable equipment is damaged, or if a customer calls for a time-pressing installation service, your field techs need to respond immediately. But if you’re relying on paper-based processes, work orders have to be faxed or physically transported to the office, leaving you slow to respond. With mobile solutions, you can dispatch work orders to your field technicians in real time. You can even leverage Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to monitor the condition of field equipment. When damage is detected, or if the sensors indicate that a piece of equipment is about to fail, a work order can be sent automatically to a field tech, without human intervention.

Context-rich work orders

Paper work orders may require field techs to waste time on-site by filling out customer names and addresses every visit, while not providing enough insight into exactly what needs to be repaired or installed. With mobile solutions, your teams can download work orders where all known customer information is auto-populated, e.g. company name, addresses, phone numbers, contact name, information about previously installed equipment (with serial numbers), maintenance history, along with detailed information about new installations or repairs. This allows your field teams to focus on the actual job tasks, and it’s easy for technicians to add rich data to the forms, such as photos and sketches, GPS/time stamps, signatures, and more.

Using ProntoForms automated workflows, it’s easy to seamlessly route data and reports from completed installations to customers, supervisors, and other stakeholders – no coding required.

Mobile solutions help ensure that not a single detail is missed, heightening the quality of installation and maintenance projects and eliminating repeat visits to field equipment and customer sites.

Track and measure performance

If you’re relying on paper-based processes, it’s hard to get clear insight into what’s going on in the field. By leveraging mobile forms and analytics, you can gain significant visibility into the performances of both your teams and assets. Analytics platforms present collected data in a series of visually rich dashboards and reports, allowing you to uncover patterns, statistically meaningful correlations, or the root causes of critical issues. As soon as a field tech completes and submits a form in the field, the data can be routed to your analytics engine in real time. IoT sensors can even feed data directly into your analytics engine. With this new visibility, you can get answers to questions like “Which assets need servicing?” or “Is every team achieving their objectives or targets?” or “Is any team’s overall productivity improving or worsening?” You can’t manage what you don’t track. Analytics empowers organizations to effectively manage both assets and people.

Pesado Energy Services saves big

Pesado Energy Services is a Mississippi-based pipeline construction company specializing in both new construction and maintenance projects in the energy industry.

A commonly used mobile form at Pesado is a Job Number Request form, which is completed by a supervisor whenever the company takes on a new project. The form outlines the equipment needed for the job, the customer, the location, and even how much the job is projected to cost. As soon as the form is submitted, everyone involved in the project is notified and can get started immediately.

ProntoForms integrates seamlessly with Pesado’s third-party analytics engine, allowing the company to extract insights from collected data. The company can now easily measure key performance indicators, such as the costs associated with a specific job.

“The mobile solution tracks costs in real time, gives us full visibility into each project, and helps us make better business decisions,” says Jeff Peel, Chief Operating Officer. “Having real-time access to relevant job data gives us the power to do our job better today, tomorrow, and down the road – and become a more profitable business.”

Learn more about how to transform installation and maintenance processes.

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