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Top five mobile forms myths


We at ProntoForms are saddened by the news that MythBusters is coming to an end next year. To help ourselves cope, we’re tackling the top five myths about mobile forms we hear all the time.


The myth: “It won’t make a difference.”

The reality: “I see the incredible annual savings by using ProntoForms. For a non-profit operation like Link Associates, saving tens of thousands of dollars a year is simply critical to our well-being,” said Jim Wilkie, Fleet and Facilities Director for Link Associates.

The “it won’t make a difference” myth suggests that even the most sophisticated, user-friendly mobile solutions are mere time-savers, providing minimal upticks in efficiency and nothing more. The reality is not only do these platforms help businesses operate at top efficiency; they also help reap tangible and substantial business gains. Our solution has empowered SMBs and large enterprises to increase productivity, reduce costs, provide exceptional quality of service, and mitigate risks. Many of our customers also harness our analytics engine to create a competitive advantage – using data to uncover hidden business insights, trends, and patterns.

mobile formsThe myth: “It will be too expensive.”

The reality: “We did a cost benefit analysis on ProntoForms and it was easy to see the benefits to our bottom line. The old paper form process was costing us approximately $100 per month per field rep. Now, according to the numbers, each month, ProntoForms pays for itself in the first week,” said Jonathan Hudson, Program Manager for Summerhill.

This myth has a kernel of truth in that sophisticated tech products can be a budgetary drain. This is the most common myth we hear from prospective customers, but it’s also the quickest to dispel. We just have to show them the price. Leading mobile forms solutions don’t only come with a reasonable price tag; they also tend to pay for themselves shortly after deployment.

The myth: “It will take too long to deploy.”

The reality: “The deployment to our sales force was fairly smooth. We’re big fans of the ProntoForms Support Team. Things were so smooth that we received very little pushback from adopting Area Sales Managers in the field,” said Adam Cooney, TUFF SHED Call Centers Manager and GSA Administrator.

Now, it can take a long time to fully roll out a sophisticated tech solution. But leading mobile forms vendors can get you up and running in days – not months or years. ProntoForms engineers have deployed the solution throughout more than 3,500 organizations of all sizes and can have your field teams up to speed in less than 30 days.

The myth: “It will be too complicated to use.”

The reality: “Switching from paper forms to mobile forms on tablets was a scary idea for some of our technicians. But they all love ProntoForms,” said Stephane Turpin, National Manager of Care Service for Walter Surface Technologies. “They find it intuitive and easy to use – even the guys who had never used a tablet before!”

Integrating any new technology into your business processes is daunting – especially when you’ve been using that same tools for years. But top-tier mobile solutions make the transition nearly effortless. These solutions offer simple, user-friendly designs and a vast array of features that make it easy to fill in and share rich data.

The myth: “It will be better if we just build it ourselves.” 

The reality: “We looked at building a comparable application in-house, but decided to avoid the complications and continual maintenance required with such a build. At the end of the day, ProntoForms is a rapid development environment that is very easy to learn and that can react very fast. It’s exactly what we needed,” said Mike Horvath, Cerfcorp Group IT Manager.

The buy versus build debate isn’t completely one-sided, but it does lean significantly towards buy. Building a solution in-house from scratch means high costs and a lengthy and unpredictable deployment timeline. You’ll need to divert time, employees, and financial resources from other projects to tackle the build and any ongoing maintenance.

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