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Prontoforms (now TrueContext) & Salesforce Integration Update

ProntoForms & Salesforce Integration Update

Boy, have we got a Salesforce update for you. Assets, capabilities, community groups, oh my! Read on to find out just what is moving and shaking in the ProntoForms (now TrueContext) & Salesforce integration world.

See Salesforce and ProntoForms (now TrueContext) in action

New Salesforce manufacturing eBook

Salesforce recently released an Industry Insider eBook, which discusses how ProntoForms (now TrueContext) is used in the heavy manufacturing space. It gives a great overview of how ProntoForms is used practically to streamline operations, gain efficiency, and save costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

ProntoForms (now TrueContext):

  • Improves field team experience with conditional logic
  • Ensures safety standards with safety hazard reports and preventative maintenance
  • Meeting compliance requirements with compliance reports and iterated forms
  • Increases CSAT and service revenue by capturing leads directly from the field

For current customers, it’s a great asset to use to spread the good news about ProntoForms’ (now TrueContext) use in the heavy manufacturing industry across other silos that could benefit. It’s concise and hard-hitting—the exact kind of asset that would appeal to higher-ups who don’t have the time to pour over lengthy dossiers.

Download it here.

The latest Salesforce integration capabilities

We recently introduced the Repeatable Destinations for Salesforce feature that moves structured repeated data through your Salesforce integration, but we didn’t stop there! We’re excited to announce the Mobile App Extensions capability.

Mobile App Extensions exchange data with ProntoForms (now TrueContext) through app-to-app. It enables your techs to follow your standard dispatch and scheduling processes while using ProntoForms for rich data collection.

Without so much to explore in the ProntoForms (now TrueContext) app, we have also created a brand-new section for AppExchange content on our documentation portal. This means you can now find information on our AppExchange package (how to install, manage it, etc.) and—this is for you Salesforce SEs—you can learn how to create a demo to showcase the app to customers.

Share your Salesforce expertise

With all this good news, we had to create a way for people to discuss how they’re using Salesforce & ProntoForms. That’s why we created the dedicated Salesforce Community User Group in our ProntoForms (now TrueContext) Community.

This is an amazing place to share tips and tricks for combining Salesforce & ProntoForms (now TrueContext) and extracting the most juice out of both.


Pairing Salesforce with ProntoForms (now TrueContext) is a no-brainer for many field service organizations. It allows you to pre-populate mobile forms with up-to-date Salesforce data for technicians to use in the field. Then, when work is completed, powerful custom documentation enables detailed work records in multiple custom formats to automatically be routed to stakeholders, a Salesforce integration, & systems.

They’re the dream team, so ProntoForms (now TrueContext) never stops innovating when it comes to our Salesforce partner.

Be sure to check out the Salesforce AppExchange for more information. And, if you haven’t already, check out the Salesforce Industry Insider eBook.

TrueContext Editorial Team

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