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Go mobile to go green: Four ways mobile solutions reduce waste



If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you know that we’re fond of debunking business myths. One of these myths is that going green takes a real toll on the bottom line. This is the kind of rumor that can prevent businesses from making meaningful investments in sustainability. The reality: with the rise of mobile tech, it’s never been easier to set (and achieve) green goals for your business.

Completely eliminate paper waste

Just by adopting a mobile solution, you’re making solid headway on lowering your carbon footprint. It’s possible for many organizations to mobilize their business processes and aim for a 100 per cent paperless workflow.

As of 2015, our customers collectively saved 1,500 trees per year for a reduced carbon dioxide output of almost 170,000 pounds. And on the financial end, they have saved a total of $59.7M by eliminating the use and handling of paper forms.

Spend less time on the road

We’ve found that many field teams are spending an unnecessary amount of time on the road. If you’re not worried about your carbon footprint, think of the toll on your bottom line. Odds are, your road warriors are racking up needlessly high fuel costs. And there are hidden costs as well. More time on the road means less time spent on job sites.

Leveraging ProntoForms has helped Illinois-based Funderburk Roofing complete more jobs each day than ever before. Our top-tier mobile solution includes a dispatching feature that allows the head office to send digital forms directly to a field tech’s mobile device. Funderburk’s field workers no longer need to drop by the office multiple times a day to pick up work orders, allowing them to quickly move from job to job.

Perform accurate equipment inspections to maintain peak efficiency

Your equipment is an investment – an investment that requires regular maintenance. You want to maximize lifespan, but you also want to maximize efficiency. Your field teams should be performing regular inspections to ensure that equipment operates at peak efficiency. If your inspection processes are paper-based, they’re vulnerable to inaccuracies and communication bottlenecks. You’ll see the consequences of a haphazard inspection on your monthly energy bill.

The best mobile platforms offer more than just digital versions of paper forms; they provide an array of features that empower inspectors to perform accurate and media-rich equipment check-ups. Inspectors can select pre-populated responses for accurate and rapid data collection. Sometimes, words can’t fully articulate a problem, which is why ProntoForms offers multimedia capabilities such as photo capture and sketch tools. Scheduling follow-up inspections on paper can mean forgotten appointments, but mobile solutions help ensure ongoing equipment health by automatically notifying field workers of upcoming inspections.

Quickly respond to leaks, spills, and exposure to hazardous material

Environmental accidents demand a rapid response as they can deal a significant blow to your bottom line – and significant spills can be devastating. This is why your environmental, health & safety (EHS) team has the most important task within your organization – and why you should be providing them with the most sophisticated tools for both their physical and virtual toolkits.

Your EHS team can leverage mobile forms to respond to safety breaches faster, from a small oil leak to a ruptured pipeline. With the touch of a button, field techs can quickly submit reports to key stakeholders, expediting the process required to arrive at a solution. An oil spill demands not only a swift response, but a nuanced one as well – aided by rich data. Swift data submission enables stakeholders to make quick decisions, while rich data collection empowers them to make more informed decisions.

PG&E, one of the largest utilities in the United States, has leveraged ProntoForms to inspect more than one million gas meters for corrosion, and has plans to adopt the solution for pipeline inspections.

Being environmentally responsible and strengthening your bottom line aren’t mutually exclusive. Changing just one cog in your business processes can help you go green while saving greens.

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