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Custom field apps improve pandemic and disaster response

Custom field apps improve pandemic and disaster response
Custom field apps improve pandemic and disaster response

Does your company equip its field service technicians with the emergency management apps and damage assessment apps they need to execute swift emergency response?

Your organization’s emergency response efficacy will be determined by how your teams meet three key challenges. These challenges are the same whether you’re faced with a global pandemic like COVID-19 (coronavirus) or H1N1 (swine flu), or a natural disaster like a hurricane or a forest fire. The key challenges are:

  1. Speed of response
  2. Scale of response
  3. Quality of collected field data

If the solution your organization employs fails to meet these challenges, the consequences could send a ripple effect throughout the service component of your organization.

Speed of response

The ability to generate situation-specific apps rapidly increases your speed to resolution time drastically. The right custom field apps empower those closest to a workflow to build and deploy easy-to-iterate mobile inspection forms that can be customized and changed in minutes.

Say you have field service technicians across multiple states and these states have unique environmental factors or compliance regulations. And say all these techs are out doing inspections on high-value assets prior to, or in the aftermath of, a disaster. A good emergency management app or damage assessment app can be tweaked to fit each situation to a tee.

Scale of response

The impacts of a natural disaster or a pandemic can be far reaching and can move exceptionally fast. The ability to scale your emergency response to hundreds—even thousands—of workers quickly is paramount to an effective response.

The benefit of a custom field app solution is that it enables you to on-board as many workers as necessary in minutes­ and build new processes just as fast. Emergency management apps have to be easy to use and guide technicians step-by-step through complex scenarios, ensuring fast resolutions no matter the tech’s tenure.

Quality of collected data

Everything comes back to speed when discussing emergency response, emergency management apps and damage assessment apps. Emergencies, natural disasters, and pandemics are not the time to be sifting through copious amounts of data to determine if it’s even useful. It’s key that the data collected be of the highest quality and be directed to the right people, right away.

The best custom field apps have a powerful analytics platform that makes it easy to take advantage of, and leverage, the collected field data. This drives rapid decision making and helps you allocate, or reallocate, precious resources to areas where most dearly needed.


There are hundreds of low-code application platforms (LCAP) on the market of which Gartner evaluated 200 for its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise LCAP. So, your choices are vast. ProntoForms happens to be one of the 18 companies included in the final Magic Quadrant.

Not only is ProntoForms the only field-focused solution in the Magic Quadrant, but we also have a history with customers successfully deploying our platform to build and deploy hundreds of emergency management apps and damage assessment apps.

ProntoForms has been used to respond to hurricanes like Harvey, Irma, Dorian and Florence across multiple states. It’s also been used to respond to the damage caused by vast forest fires on the United States’ west coast.

ProntoForms has achieved the required security compliances like HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II and Title 21 CFR Part 11. These strict medical industry compliance requirements make ProntoForms a safe and secure choice to handle response to global pandemics.

Emergency response begins with emergency preparedness. Book your demo today.

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