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Conquer the competition with the Five Major Trends Impacting Field Service eBook

ProntoForms is ready to support you through these unsteady times. Field service management tools like ours are more essential than ever. Click here to download the eBook. You’ll gain a deeper perspective on how our solution will help you.

We’re big on conversations. We’re always interested in what others in the field service space have to say. Our team loves to pass the mic just as much as we love to gab. In our discussions, several macroeconomic influences have emerged as the hottest of hot topics. To say there are serious concerns around where the economy is headed is a bit of an understatement.

Field service leaders are eager to accelerate their organization’s revenue-generating potential, in addition to building loyalty amongst customers. Everyone is laser-focused on ensuring compliance and minimizing risk. There’s also an increased effort to ensure technician satisfaction to battle the Great Resignation and Silver Tsunami.

Sound familiar?

To help you make sense of it all, our team has created an eBook that summarizes five key macroeconomic influences. We’ve supported our findings with research and statistics that align with our thinking. 

After reading this eBook, you’ll gain deeper insight into how to keep up with these significant trends.

  1. Challenges in field technician performance
  2. Pressures from compliance requirements and SLAs
  3. Assets are increasingly becoming more complex
  4. Business software has its limits
  5. Equipment uptime as a service model 

How ProntoForms (now TrueContext) helps ensure field team excellence

The ‘Five Major Trends’ eBook highlights how our customers have leveraged ProntoForms’ (now TrueContext’s) no-code field team platform to advance their digital transformation efforts. To give you a sense of what we offer, our platform provides the following capabilities:

  • Build. Rapidly create apps with bi-directional data connections with business systems. Design workflows that share context with other apps, systems, or technicians, and generate custom documents to send to external systems and stakeholders. All without a line of code.
  • Execute. Empower field teams to be safer and more effective with easy-to-use interconnected apps that work offline. Deliver intelligent work guidance, providing the appropriate data in context based on information inputted into the app, ensuring work is done safely and correctly the first time — every time.
  • Optimize. Gain the real-time insights needed to make well-informed business decisions. Monitor trends, work compliance, incidents, and more to adjust and improve processes.

While you’re at it, check out our use cases to discover new ideas on how to make the most of your ProntoForms deployment.

Do you need a way to adapt to these ever-changing field service conditions? 

Don’t worry. This period of massive change also brings with it many opportunities While we’re confident you can manage the five trends we’ve outlined; it may be wise to consider placing a greater focus on enhancing your automation and digital transformation activities.

ProntoForms (now TrueContext) will support you through these unsteady times. Field service management tools like ours are more essential than ever. Click here to download the eBook. You’ll gain a deeper perspective on how our solution will help you:

  • Reduce the administrative burden placed on field technicians
  • Decrease compliance incidents
  • Improve the execution of complex field work
  • Increase first time fix rate and technician productivity
  • Gain the ability to pivot to the asset-as-a-service model
  • And more

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