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Case study: Driving digital transformation for PrimeLine Utility Services











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Case study: Driving digital transformation for PrimeLine Utility Services

We’re extremely proud of the results our customers have achieved by using our platform. An ROI Case Study created by Nucleus Research showcases our contribution to a successful digital transformation for PrimeLine Utility Services.

Digital transformation continues to be top of mind for savvy field service leaders. Those in the know understand that innovation is an imperative, not just a ‘nice to have’ element that supports one’s business. Many field service innovators have selected TrueContext’s global leading field intelligence platform to support their effort to move from outdated, inefficient processes.

We’re incredibly proud of the results our customers have achieved by using our platform. An ROI Case Study created by Nucleus Research showcases our contribution to a successful digital transformation.

Nucleus Research is a global provider of ROI-focused technology research and advisory services. You can understand the exact value of a tech solution and the potential returns it delivers from Nucleus Research’s ROI Case Studies.

Are you ready to learn more about our PrimeLine Utility Services’ successful deployment?

About PrimeLine Utility Services

PrimeLine offers a single source for end-to-end utility services. The company’s services include construction, maintenance, engineering, professional support, and emergency restoration of electric transmission, electric distribution, substation, and gas distribution infrastructure.

The company turned to ProntoForms (now TrueContext) for assistance with its digital transformation efforts. It needed a centralized system to process forms and submissions and relied on paper and Excel processes. Ad-hoc analytics and report generation were nearly impossible. Form submission processes could have been faster and contained human errors due to data entry. PrimeLine needed more visibility and faced difficulties gathering and reporting safety data to regulatory agencies. Negative impacts included fines and a poor customer experience. 

Securing digital transformation success with ProntoForms (now TrueContext)

Nucleus Research determined that PrimeLine achieved significant gains after deploying ProntoForms (now TrueContext). Specifically, it obtained an annual ROI of 1228% after our no-code field team platform to create robust mobile forms apps. The Cost-Benefit ratio seen from the decision to leverage ProntoForms (now TrueContext) is 1:3.5.

The field services conglomerate has deployed over 125 forms across its eight companies. The main types of forms it’s leveraging include ones that assist with safety, timekeeping, and field service inspections.

Key benefits obtained from using ProntoForms (now TrueContext) include:

  • Improved compliance. Reduced fines by over $50,000 per year.
  • Improved safety reporting processes. Saved multiple contracts $3M to $5M per year.
  • Increased revenue. Generated over $100,000 in profit per year. 
  • Reduced operational costs. Accumulated over $30,000 per year in paper savings.

The case study also mentioned several benefits that have not been quantified in this document, including:

  • reduced customer churn from improved safety reporting
  • increased profits from new lines of business
  • time savings for clerks from eliminated data entry
  • Excel at highly complex field service work & utility management with ProntoForms (now TrueContext)

Your technicians are the most critical asset in your company. Keeping them safe, satisfied, and working to the best of their capabilities is priority number one. ProntoForms (now TrueContext) ensures field teams who engage in activities like utility management, construction, installation, and other complex tasks are more effective and field service technicians remain safe on the job.

Our solution empowers citizen developers to rapidly deploy mobile forms apps that provide valuable context and intelligence necessary for highly complex field processes.

  • Context. Immediately deploy vital information on an asset and/or location to technicians.
  • Intelligence. Ensure the context is shared with other apps or business support processes before, during, and after the field workflow has been executed.

If you’re a service-driven enterprise, we’ve built and field-tested our platform to meet your requirements. You can leverage our solution templates or build your own. We’ve got you covered, whether it’s for installation, inspections, and more.

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