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Case study: ProntoForms (now TrueContext) delivers a massive ROI for global manufacturer











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Case study: ProntoForms (now TrueContext) delivers a massive ROI for global manufacturer

Download Nucleus Research’s ProntoForms ROI case study to learn how ProntoForms can significantly impact your business.

Our solution is trusted by leading enterprises worldwide across many diverse industries. Everyone from medical device manufacturers like Alcon, oil and gas companies such as Halliburton, and construction firms including Obayashi, rely on our product to ensure their field technicians are efficient and safe.

We’re proud to share that we were recognized for delivering substantial benefits for a global equipment manufacturer in an ROI Case Study developed by Nucleus Research. Nucleus Research is a global provider of ROI-focused technology research and advisory services. Readers understand the exact value that a tech solution provides and the potential returns it delivers from Nucleus Research’s ROI Case Studies.

The ProntoForms’ (now TrueContext’s) customer featured in Nucleus Research’s ROI Case Study is a global manufacturing company that develops, manufactures, and services mechanical products. The manufacturer sought our help to advance its digital transformation efforts.|

The company used Excel spreadsheets and paper to manage its forms. This lack of centralized data caused many redundancies throughout many departments. Time was wasted by this process, causing significant delays when submitting items for auditing. It was impossible to calculate KPIs. There was also a risk to consistent cash flow given the inability to financially close out jobs.

Achieving digital transformation success

Nucleus Research determined that the manufacturing company achieved significant gains after deploying. Specifically, it obtained an annual ROI of 4105% after using our no-code field team platform to create mobile forms apps. The Cost-Benefit ratio from the decision to leverage ProntoForms (now TrueContext’s) is 1: 11.6.

The manufacturer is generating roughly 2 million form submissions per year. This level of engagement shows how integrated ProntoForms (now TrueContext) is within its numerous field service processes.

Additional key benefits obtained from using ProntoForms (now TrueContext) include:

  • Increased field agent productivity. ProntoForms (now TrueContext) has saved the company an estimated $8M in 2021.
  • Greater administrative productivity. The time-consuming back-and-forth discussions between administration and field agents have been reduced by nearly 50%.
  • Improved regulatory compliance. The manufacturer is now able to keep pace with ever-changing regulations rapidly.
  • Improved organizational visibility. The company has a single view of all its data in real-time.

Streamlined form submissions, automated data consolidation, project tracking, field agents, administrative, and back-office employees save considerable time. Nucleus Research’s ROI Case Study identified this as an indirect benefit the manufacturer has gained from using ProntoForms (now TrueContext).

The case study also mentioned several benefits that have not been quantified in this document, including:

  • improved preventive maintenance
  • access to analytics to support better decision-making
  • improved morale thanks to fewer tedious and manual tasks
  • accelerated job closings
  • faster audit cycles
  • ability to maintain OSHA, EH&S, and regional compliance

Manage high-complexity field service work

ProntoForms (now TrueContext) shines in its ability to ensure organizations can keep up with constantly increasing complexity. This challenge may be because of increasingly sophisticated machinery, ever-changing regulations, technicians who lack sufficient knowledge, or a host of other issues. ProntoForms’ (now TrueContext’s) agile field team platform puts service context and intelligence directly into technicians’ hands. This information is what ensures successful outcomes.

  • Context means deploying the right information on an asset and/or location to the technician for the work they’re to perform.
  • Intelligence involves sharing content with other apps or business support processes before, during, and after the field workflow has been executed.

If you’re a service-driven enterprise, we’ve built and field-tested our platform to meet your unique needs. Download Nucleus Research’s ROI case study today to learn how ProntoForms (now TrueContext) can significantly impact your business.

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