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Medical Compliance | TrueContext, formerly ProntoForms
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Painless compliance?
Yes, it’s possible.

Guide technicians through their workflows with compliance built into the process – keeping them in step with ever-changing medical regulations. Increase asset uptime and mitigate regulatory risk with traceable, on-demand compliance reporting.

Compliance is a cornerstone of all medical equipment throughout the entire lifecycle

From manufacturing to maintenance to end of life, it remains a primary consideration across the industry. Yet in practice, it is often relegated as a background consideration, almost separate from the work, instead of embraced as a unifying practice that guides technician workflows. This can get in the way of field service organizations providing standardized services and maintaining visible audit trails – making compliance a tedious undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be.

With field intelligence, there’s a smarter way to stay compliant.

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Compliance doesn’t need to be separate from the work

Deploy a platform with compliance built in – every step of the way

Quality and recalls

Complete the data puzzle by having the most up-to-date asset information and equip your field engineers for more accurate quality assessments and rapid recall remediations.

Compliant assets

Install and service assets with regulations built into workflows. Reduce asset downtime and take hospital equipment failure out of the patient outcome equation.

Regulatory risk mitigation

Compliance regulation in the healthcare space is in a state of constant evolution. Ensure your engineers are working in line with the latest procedures – updated and deployed in seconds.

Audits made simple

Create an audit trail that is easy for internal and external stakeholders to follow. Streamline the audit process with fully traceable data for real-time, hassle-free reporting.

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How TrueContext makes it happen

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Soft/hard failures

Compliance is not pass-fail. Medical devices end up in a spectrum of soft and hard failures, with each triggering a different workflow for your technicians. Choose a platform that can manage this unique complexity and guide your field staff with precision.

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Full offline capability

Network-limited environments are a common theme within the medical device industry. Arm your engineers with a digital tool that understands the nature of their work with fully functional offline capabilities so no piece of data slips through the cracks.

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Data security and safety

Stay in compliance with ePHI regulations with field intelligence that is SOC2, HIPAA, and Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

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Seamless audit-ready reports

Ensure your audit trail paints the full digital story. Have compliance reports on all work orders at your fingertips, ready to be generated as and when needed.

Learn how you can address complexity with field intelligence

Realize healthcare-focused outcomes with intelligent, adaptive workflows

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Accelerated productivity

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Context-driven installs and repairs

Compliance. Traceable. On demand.

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